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Nicosia has a very ...

Nicosia has a very individual character because it is the only city in Cyprus that is situated inland. Nicosia (known as Lefkoşa) has been the capital of Cyprus since AD 100 and seen many periods of turbulence and following division since 1974 it remains the only divided capital in the world. Nicosia is the administrative and cultural focus and has grown dramatically in size; spilling over from the old city within its walls and the development of numerous snazzy new buildings it has become a chic, smart, European city whilst not losing its intrinsically Cypriot character.

The Perfect Surrounding

The old city of Nicosia has been undergoing a transformation of many of the old residential buildings that are situate within the city’s 16th century Venetian walls. This restoration work has been a part of a 27 year “Master Plan” to encourage a renaissance in both parts of the old city with the increase in business and many families returning to live in its magnificent old buildings which not so long ago., were close to ruin. Many buildings like hamam have been skillfully renovated to portray Nicosia’s rich architectural inheritance.

Nicosia remains ...

Nicosia remains the only divided city in the world and although there are now six crossing points along the city. Walking in the old city, visitors are reminded of the buffer zone that still divides the city in two. Today, Ledra check point and Lokmacı check point are the major crossing points of the capital

Venetians built the city walls that can be seen today in the late 15th century  when they governed the island. The wall was built in a distinctive star shape, six kilometer in length, with eleven arrow shaped bastions jutting from the wall and three entrance gates.

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