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At Caria Estates ...

At Caria Estates International we feel that customer service is not just part of our business, service is our business. We practice our business with a personal touch focused on the highest degree of professional services, delivered in a very individualized manner to best serve the needs of the homeowner or investor. 

We offer prompt, personalized and reliable service at competitive fees. Your satisfaction is our first priority! We have a proven track record of customer and client satisfaction. The keys to our success are flexibility, versatility, education, experience and loyalty to our clients

Paying electricity ...

* Paying electricity bills monthly
• Paying water bills monthly
• Paying annual property tax in North Cyprus 
• Checking out property periodically
• Checking mailbox on weekly bases
• Key holding for emergencies
• Welcome pack shopping (only contents are charged for)
• Collection and delivering laundry (laundry service will be charged)
• Obtaining quotes and overseeing works and/or repairs
• Accepting deliveries to your property 
• Ventilating the property 
• Watering indoor & outdoor plants and flowers

Additional integrity checks ...

• Additional integrity checks after severe weather
• Checking hot & cold water supplies along with electricity and gas.
• Immediate contact of the apartment owner in North Cyprus upon discovery of any faults to prevent and minimize further damage and expenses.
• In-house accounting and preparation of monthly & year end statements for clients

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