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The town of Lefke ...

The town of Lefke, near Güzelyurt, possesses much more important historical riches than its neighbour. Lefke is a mixture of coastline and vast mountains, lush with citrus groves. It is the only place in Cyprus where the Yafa oranges are grown, and it is also popular for growing soft fruit. Three dams provide constant water all year round, which is why agriculture is so successful in this region.

The coastline has a number of restaurants where you can enjoy Turkish cuisine or fresh fish, and make use of their beach facilities. Working your way up to Lefke’s town centre takes you through mountains overlooked by the Trodos, so close that you can see its snow capped summits in the winter

Close to Lefke you will find the ancient city of Soli. The origins of Soli can be traced back to the 6th century BC, but it came to prominence during the Roman Period and was destroyed by Arab invaders in the 7th century. You can see a Roman theatre, Basilica and Agora which were discovered in 1929. The theatre is still used today for concerts and plays.

Guzelyurt  is a ...

Guzelyurt  is a market town located in the west of North Cyprus, and is the regional capital of the Guzelyurt district. It is one of the richest agricultural areas of North Cyprus, famous particularly for the citrus (orange, lemon & grapefruit) and strawberries. They thrive in Guzelyurt’s fertile red soil. A large portion of the citrus fruit is exported, and the rest is made into fruit juice and canned for local consumption as well as export.

The town was founded by the Spartans, who brought with them the worship of Aphrodite. In the middle ages, the city was referred to as Morphou, and also Theomorphou. The Morphou area grew more than half of Cyprus’s citrus fruits.

Guzelyurt is not a typical tourist destination, but it is interesting to those who want to see a part of North Cyprus not in the least affected by tourism. You can enjoy your holiday in the peace and quiet of its natural surroundings. Guzelyurt is an ideal picnic spot for those who want to escape from the noise and rush of the city life and spend the day in peace and quiet. In spring, the light breezes scatter the white orange blossoms, and you can smell the fragrance from all around, while in other seasons the golden oranges and lemons shine on the trees.

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